October 17, 2022 HealthcareNews

During the summer months, Brown Dermatology began a public service campaign to call attention to the dangers of skin cancer. Through informative videos, physicians explained the risk of over exposure to the sun’s damaging rays and discussed how everyone, regardless of skin tone, is susceptible to sun damage. Clinicians also discussed some basic preventative measures that should be taken to keep people of all ages safe when enjoying the sun and the outdoors.

Keeping the public informed regarding the latest health news, as well as helping to keep individuals and families healthy is a hallmark of Brown Physicians. We plan to continue creating public service announcements and videos across all our foundations.  

We are committed to ensure the public is made aware of important medical care and preventative steps that can be taken to improve outcomes.

October 17, 2022 HealthcareNews

Last year, Brown Physicians opened a new, state-of-the-art medical facility at 900 Douglas Pike in Smithfield, RI. The 5,200 square foot space houses Brown Medicine, Brown Surgery, and Brown Neurology. Providing both primary and subspecialty care, this location has been designed to deliver the highest quality of care to our patients in Northern Rhode Island.

In addition to the staff recruitment component of our digital marketing campaign, we are also developing a campaign to remind Northern RI residents of the extensive care options now available at our Smithfield location.  

Brown Surgery and Brown Neurology are currently accepting new patients and our new video series will direct people on how to secure an appointment with any of our primary or subspecialty care providers.

October 17, 2022 HealthcareNews

Brown Physicians has embarked on an ambitious recruitment campaign designed to share our employee success stories, while attracting top-notch talent. The digital campaign has been rolled-out on streaming television in the Greater Providence area and will also be placed on top websites.

Beginning with Brown Medicine, Brown Emergency Medicine, and Brown Urology, staff members from various departments and areas of expertise share how BPI was supportive of their career development goals. From tuition assistance to flexibility in attending classes, our employees appreciate the opportunity for advancement in their career.

Have You Heard About Our Employee Referral Program?

The best promoter of the benefits of working at one of our foundations is you – our employees. We ask that you share your positive experiences with your friends and colleagues. When one of your referrals successfully completes their 90-days working with us, we will thank you with a $500 bonus. Currently, all management and staff position vacancies are eligible for this program, except for provider positions such as physicians and APPs.

No matter what your specialty is, the sky is truly the limit at our foundations. We believe this recruitment effort will help inspire talented, compassionate professionals to join our organization and help to enhance the medical landscape throughout our state.

June 23, 2021 HealthcareNews

In honor of Juneteenth, Brown Physicians, Inc. is proud to highlight Sherry Walters, a nurse practitioner in the Department of Surgery, and her family. Juneteenth is a nationally recognized holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the United States. As stated by Walter’s sister-in-law, Kilah Walters-Clinton, “Juneteenth gives us an opportunity to celebrate perseverance, resilience, and Black excellence— and that is American excellence.” This day is a reminder for all Americans to reflect on our history, and acknowledge the strides that still must be made. Watch the video below to learn more about the significance of this holiday.

The survey is to gauge perspectives about the vaccine and to determine if there are significant differences in opinion about it among varying populations in the United States. You can learn more through the story here. If you are at least 18 and live in the US, please take a few minutes to take this anonymous survey offered in several languages.

March 15, 2021 HealthcareNews
“We need to get people aware that they should seek assistance and support when they’re having symptoms and certainly to get screened when they are asymptomatic so that we can detect cancer early,” said Dr. Harlan Rich, medical director of the Brown Medicine Endoscopy Center.
For more coverage about the Colon Cancer awareness event, you can read about it on WPRI and Patch.com

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