Diversity & Inclusion at BPI

“BPI fosters a collegial environment and a professionally rewarding and culturally-sensitive workplace.”

Kwame Dapaah-Afriyie, MD

“I love working at BPI because of the emphasis on collaboration. As an emergency physician, teamwork is a central tenet of our practice and BPI epitomizes this type of relationship. I look forward to knowing and growing within our organization.”

Taneisha Wilson, MD

“I love working at BPI because it allows me to give back to the community that gave me so much. I’m a first-generation immigrant from Cape Verde and grew up in Pawtucket where there is a large and diverse immigrant community of patients who speak primarily Spanish, Portuguese, and Creole. I wanted to return to this community to practice and continue the work to break down barriers and improve access to the world class care offered by BPI physicians to all Rhode Islanders.”

Carla C. Moreira, MD, RPVI

“Aside from having the honor of caring for a broad patient population in their hour of need, as an academic woman physician, Brown Emergency Medicine offers me incredible opportunities for mentorship, development, and support. Our women faculty group is unparalleled.”

Nadine Himelfarb, MD

Diversity & Inclusion at Brown Physicians, Inc.

Diversity describes a variety of personal experiences, values, and world views that result from differences in culture and circumstance. Inclusion promotes a culture in which all individuals feel valued and welcomed. Equity ensures that everyone is treated fairly and respectfully with equal access to opportunities and resources.

Here at BPI, we are committed to supporting diversity and fostering a professional climate where equity and mutual respect are fundamental. The synergy of employees in our integrated work environment produces innovative solutions from which the entire organization benefits.

Angela Caliendo, MD, PhD

At Brown Physicians,  we are committed to diversity in our hiring and recruitment. We recognize the value of having members of our BPI community with different backgrounds and points of view.”

Angela Caliendo, MD, PhD
Executive Director, Brown Physicians, Inc.

People of diverse

are welcome here.

Providence, Rhode Island is the smallest state, but we have a big impact. We have a family dynamic where everyone puts their best foot forward to help and reach our goals.

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We serve a patient population that come from many different countries, and we embrace them all. Our patients speak a variety of languages and we offer translational services to better care for them.

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